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#IdeasCamp - The Future of Ideas

#IdeasCamp is an unConference where we contemplate a future where ideas lead revolutions and counter-revolutions in how we interact with each other. We are bringing together a small group of technologists and entrepreneurs who are using new ideas in tech to create opportunities for themselves and others.

The event report is available here.

Catherine V Harry video blogger and writer -- on the future of blogging, content, outreach and social media

Catherine Harry is the vlogger from A Dose of Cath. She is also a Lifestyle Managing Editor for Sabay, a reporter for AsiaLife, translator for Reama Translation, a mass media major at PUC and a feminist.

Ratana Sopha -- on fake news on social media, in the context of Southeast Asia

Ratana champions empowerment of marginalized communities and youths, from access to information and education to secure livelihood to public health and well-being. He's currently the Manager for HIV Prevention and Innovations at KHANA and works with community-based organizations that provide HIV and health service support to female entertainment workers, men who have sex with men, transgender women, and people who inject drugs. He intends to change the world through one informed citizen at a time; information is power, after all, so why not harness it for the betterment of humanity?

Preetam Rai (technologist and storyteller) -- What next for education? Let’s explore the upcoming trends and ideas.

Preetam Rai is an Apple Distinguished Educator (ADE) currently running multiple peer learning projects across Asia. Preetam lives between South East Asia and Japan, and helps organisations better understand their audiences via insights into emerging technology and cultural trends.

#IdeasCamp speakers and participants pose for a picture at Emerald Hub BKK3. 

#IdeasCamp speakers and participants pose for a picture at Emerald Hub BKK3.