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NerdNight: Hindu iconography in Cambodian polity

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In Hindu mythology, Lord Brahma (ព្រះព្រហ្ម) is the progenitor of all reality.

In Hindu mythology, Lord Brahma (ព្រះព្រហ្ម) is the progenitor of all reality.


Hindu iconography and symbolism have maintained a ubiquitous presence in Cambodia polity and society for over two millennia. Many aspects of Brahaminist culture and ritual are still followed by Cambodians, and Hindu deities worshipped, alongside Buddhism. Many aspects of Cambodian political culture also demonstrate strong Hindu influences and heritage. Our executive director, Anirudh S. Bhati, will talk about these influences at Nerd Night on Monday, 15 January 2018. 

Nerd Night is a periodical event scheduled roughly once every 2-3 weeks. It is based on the Pecha Kutcha-style of presenting which encourages talks to be concise and to the point without too much detail, as there are exactly 20 slides and each moves on a forced 20 second timer.

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About the speaker:

Anirudh S. Bhati is an India-qualified lawyer with over six years of experience counseling clients in Cambodia and India. He obtained dual degrees in commerce and law from Gujarat National Law University in India. He is attached as counsel with a Cambodian firm providing legal consulting services in Cambodia. He has also worked with international organizations as a consultant on constitutional and legislative matters. He is a co-founder with Wikimedia India, a non-profit dedicated to the advocacy of free knowledge. Wikimedia India is an recognized chapter of the Wikimedia Foundation, the international charity which operates Wikipedia and its sister projects. Anirudh is admitted to practice as an advocate with the Bar Council of India and the state Bar Council of Gujarat. Anirudh speaks English, Hindi, Gujarati, Urdu and Khmer.