We are committed to publishing original, high-quality and independent research.


The GMRC publishes both electronically as well as in peer-reviewed academic journals. We are happy to announce the recent launch of our "MEconBlog@MekongResearch" blog where policy professionals, academics, students, and business people can find real time analysis of recent development and long term trends in the economies of the Greater Mekong region.

Our team of researchers are currently engaged in a diversity of projects which will be published under the GMRC moniker: (i) a study examining the development of Cambodia's Arbitration council; (ii) an analysis of the labor union sector which seeks to explain the causation behind the deep fragmentation in organized labor; and (iii) the first complete analysis of the totality of Chinese foreign aid to the region and the implications thereof for the development of human rights and the rule of law." Our staff are also completing the first English-Khmer-English dictionary of finance and economics vocabulary, a glaring gap in the literature which is vital to improve the education and training of the next generation of Cambodian business people and scholars.

Building upon the expertise of several members of our Board of Academic Advisers, we have recently started examining the state of healthcare in Cambodia. We are paying particular attention to the question of the quality of private healthcare and the wide variance in that quality across Cambodia. We seek to inform future policy decisions with the outcomes of our research. 

Finally, GMRC research associates have begun to examine the deeply under-studied question of the economic development of ethnic minority groups in the region. Beginning with the Cham Muslim population in Cambodia and southern Vietnam, we seek to clarify the challenges that these communities face and the policies necessary in order to support the future flourishing of these groups.