We are training the next generation of regional leaders.


Our mission is outreach towards and the training of the next generation of regional leaders. During this year, the center will conduct a series of seminars, lectures and roundtable discussions of recent research on development theory, highlighting the work of Peter Bauer, William Easterly, and Christopher Coyne. GMRC is also in the process of establishing the first comprehensive library in Phnom Penh devoted to classical liberal and free market thought, with particular focus on public choice theory, Austrian and Neo-Institutional Economics, and the writings of Friedrich Hayek. Our current research program is equally extensive, with forthcoming working papers examining private arbitration, the dynamics of foreign aid, and regional economic integration. In addition, the Center is preparing the first complete English-Khmer Dictionary covering finance and economics. Our recently launched blog aims to be the premier source for public policy professionals and business leaders for real time analysis of economies of the Greater Mekong Subregion. Lastly, we are also reaching out to students to conduct extensive training programmes using Wikipedia and its sister-projects as an aid in learning, as well as a platform for contributing quality research.

July-August 2017: During the summer of 2017, SPU Professor Brad Murg (also GMRC Board Member and Director of Research) is teaching two classes to Khmer graduate and undergraduate students. The first, Political Economy of Development at the Royal University of Law and Economics and the second, International Political Economy at Zaman University - demonstrating our commitment to improving understanding of economics, research methodology, and political economy. 

We plan to continue offering coursework from our overseas network of academics, free of charge, to local universities seeking to expand their existing offerings in these areas.